Pregnancy is one of the most incredible human mechanisms, your body completely changes and adapts itself to let grow another human.
As a result, being a pregnant woman reserves a fair share of challenges.

Taking care of a baby, as wonderful as it is, this is often when a lot of newly mothers are feeling overwhelmed, no matter how much they prepare beforehand.

This is a natural feeling in which the mother is facing a lot of different emotions from extreme happiness to sadness. A lot of stress, doubts, questions left unanswered are recurring problems moms are facing all at one which unfortunately can lead to cases of ill being and even depression.
In cases of being a foreigner in Japan, not fully speaking and understanding the language adds another layer of problems and scaredness.

This is the reason I am offering different types of services designed to assist and support new moms to overcome their challenges.
Here you will find the main assistance I focus on, so let me detail them for you so you can see what fits your needs.

These services are offered in person at your home or can be organized via video call (available soon).

Feeding Consulting

By far, the most recurring questions we receive on the website are about breastfeeding & feeding and the numerous doubts linked to it.

From experience, I noticed many newly mothers give a lot of importance, and rightfully so, to give breastfeeding to their baby as this is nutritional organic food !

Unfortunately, some moms are having a lot of trouble with breastfeeding their baby properly as every situation is different and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

I will evaluate your situation based on your lifestyle, your baby’s weight, your breast milk and other factors to give you a customized process to help you feel confident and give you all the tools to know exactly what you need to do in many possible situations.
Moreover, this service is designed as a back and forth approach to fully answer any doubts and questions you have.

The fee is 5,500 yen /hour (inc tax) for a professional and personal service.
An additional transport fee will apply to cover transportation to the destination of your choice.

Breast Care

Intimately linked to breastfeeding, other common problems mothers are facing are the various pains and discomforts in the mom’s breast that are consequences of the start of the production milk for the baby.
During that process, the mom can often feel a lot of pain and/or swelling on the breast, the apparition of a hard, painful lump in one area of the breast, plugged milk ducts that that prevents the breast from draining fully, concerns about the amount of milk is sometimes not sufficient to feed the baby and many other issues.

This is also during that time that moms are feeling the most vulnerable and start to doubt themselves thinking it is their fault they have trouble feeding their own baby.

This service is designed to assist you with answering all the questions you have but also to go a bit deeper by trying to relieve some of the pains through different massage techniques learnt by certified midwives.
This offer will help you feel totally at peace with your body by knowing what are the problems and how to prevent them or even fix them yourself.

The fee is 5,500 yen /hour (inc tax) for personalized assistance.
An additional transport fee will apply to cover transportation to the destination of your choice.

Child Care Consulting

Another service we offer is how to take care of the newborn baby.
Even though that is mostly natural to the new moms, there are also a lot of surprises and challenges that are not that easy to face.
Some caring techniques need to be learnt.
After being discharged from the hospital, where the midwives take care of your new fragile tiny human, you are left to your own device.
Every new mom and new dad needs some help.
I will give you a complete lecture on various subjects such as how to properly bath your baby, how to hold in your arms, special attention for the easily overwhelmed dad, reasons why your baby is not sleeping well or what to do when he/she is crying too much, etc.

The fee is 5,500 yen /hour (inc tax) for a service filled with tips and advice.
An additional transport fee will apply to cover transportation to the destination of your choice.

Support Package Plan

From pregnancy to postpartum
Personal midwife

Examples :

・LINE chat anytime
・Attending Pregnancy check up ◯ times (translation, clear your concerns)

・Private pαrent’s class(breathing method, pain relieve, mental preparation, system in Japan, parenting lecture, etc)

・Supporting during labor and delivery(Depending on the hospital policy)

・Postpartum home visit ◯ times in 3 months after delivery

Price : depending on the package